New Music Sunday

It’s “New” Music Sunday.

My last purchase was heavy into old American country and deep Soul.

Today it was about Lyrics by the Ladies … lead by three pretty cool cats. One Swedish. One Norwegian. One Canadian.

All random, I simply followed the sounds down the rabbit hole this morning.

And now my collection includes my first Joni Mitchell album. A ten song piece of work that, Wikipedia tells me, was written and produced solely by Ms. Mitchell in 1971.

The album is Blue, which turns 50 this year, and is receiving quite the attention in its birthday year for just about everything about it.

So … does the phrase “better late than never” apply here?

When it comes to Blue? Absolutely.

Joni Mitchell – Blue

Song: River

girl in red – If I Could Make It Go Quiet

Song: midnight love

Linn Koch-Emmery – Being the girl

Song: Hologram Love

It’s still early.

Think I’ll take my tunes and myself out for drive around the country side. Admire the small churches and the homes on the foot hills. Pass by a few farms. Wave to a Stranger or three.

I can smell the weekend just-cut grass already. I wonder if it’s too early for the Magnolias?

Yes. That it’s it.

Windows down. Hair up. Tunes high. Phone off.

Happy Sunday.

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