I am taking the day off.

It’s just me. In my reading room. Relaxing in this chair. With my faux fireplace warming me toes. As my turmeric tea refreshes my palate.

  • The NYTimes Spelling Bee is the 1st tab open in my browser.
  • French Duolingo is my 2nd tab – And I’ve been crushing it recently, if I may brag. After a solid year of daily testing, my dear dear reliable friend Osmosis came a knockin’ and everything is clicking like magic.
  • Sartorial Talks is my 3rd tab – in French.
  • This post is my 4th.

And in between the virtual, I have these three tactile gems.

Quiet time.

Absorbing time.

Time to inhale.

Time to exhale.

Minds to explore.

Views to discover.

Voices to hear.



Happy Saturday.

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