Duck For Dinner

I took myself out to an oft written about local restaurant in the heart of the city, and dined on pan seared duck breast with cherry barbeque glaze over saute of farro, scallion and chorizo with greens. On my own I paired it with a French Rosé.

The duck was tender. Blushed in the middle with a crisp rusty coloured skin on the sides, the meal was sliced on top of a bed of an aromatically combined salad. And the chilled wine was a pretty sunset coloured reminder of Summer.

12 stars out of 10. Oh yes it was perfection plus.

That’s the kind of evening where it’s fun to be an adult. Where you parallel park, well, in the city. You invite yourself into a restaurant without a reservation. You order food that you can’t find in your house. The owner and chef comes out to chat. You appreciate the warm decor. With every bite, you enjoy every minute of being right where you are. You leave just as the room begins to fill with the night’s new guests.

I’d rinse and repeat tonight if it weren’t graduation night … and my wallet wasn’t on a such a strict diet. Which makes last night that much more wonderful.

Happy Saturday.

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