Spring has sprung. Flowers are in bloom. The grass grew overnight.

Dear Universe:

How about it? You up for it?

xxooxx Finnigan

I believe.

I think.

I am 98.6% sure.


As of yesterday at 7:46 pm.

My work insanity of the past 5 months is over.

Describing People Part Three: Gestures, Expressions, and Mannerisms |  Carlie M A Cullen

I know, right?

Between you, me and this post, I’m not entirely convinced it is done.

So, to be safe, I put 1.4% off to the side. This means that if at any moment the phone rings, I’ll be ready. Disappointed, but ready.

That being said. About 10 minutes ago I checked my work email and my inbox, which was registering around 75 separate conversations/day since November, is down to 2.

I’ll take it.

It’s time.

It’s time to relinquish control and think about other things. Like daffodils and Passover.

It’s time to reflect on the meaning of Easter.

It’s time to listen to voices speak of real world problems.

It’s time to absorb the pictures coming out of Alabama.

It’s also time to be present in the moment.

The sun is shining on what looks like a beautiful weekend afternoon. I took some French lessons this morning. I emailed with my brother in Ukraine. My other brother will over in the next few days to do the lawn. The Laundry is a ‘spinin, and this place isn’t too worse for the wear.

AND. AND. And this is key. The phone is not ringing.


Think I’ll: Have a rest. Take a shower. Go for a drive.

In that order.

Happy Saturday.

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