Finnegan Begin Again

I began Finnegan Begin Again in 2014 (here since 2019), during a profound period that saw the breakdown and breakup of a most precious relationship.

That intense part of my life lasted well beyond three years. And though I will never be over it, time as taught me how to live with it.

Writing played a huge part.

Metaphorically speaking? Writing helped channel those negative waves into a river flowing with optimism … and for that I am forever grateful. Bonus too, writing as made me a whole lot more of a kinder human being and insightful communicator.

Hence, I am Finnegan. And it is here where I begin again.

If ever asked, I consider all my posts to be fiction peppered with facts. But between you, me and this white space? Yeah, they’re pretty close to right on target.

To be respectful, most people’s name and locations are changed.

Please to enjoy …

Photo by CSEM

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