Asking A Little

All I want is a new car.

One never owned before. One that not a lot of other people own. One with a slightly wacky colour scheme. And one with a manual transmission.

I don’t think I’m asking a lot.

But each time I’ve thrown the ball up, no one in my car circle reaches out to catch it.

Eesh. You’d think I was asking for the Moon, or to reinstate Pluto.

Moving on …

Today is my 131st day of taking French lessons in Duolingo.

Which means I am fluent in all things having to with you, me, them, we and us … eating an orange or multiple oranges.

J’adore les oranges!

Next up, I’m going back to Greek, which I began sometime in 2019.

I grew up in Greece, so I have a solid hint how the language works.

The only thing about practicing Greek in Duolingo is that you have to switch the keyboard settings so it types instead the Greek alphabet.


It’s not difficult to convert the keys to Greek. If you know the letters, which I do, you can see the matches with English. It’s just a pain to constantly remind yourself.

Ah, the things we suffer for when stuck in one country because certain other countries cannot yet lift their strict travel restrictions.

This wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t mention travel.

At some point I’m really not going to care what it takes to get my passport stamped. But right now this sounds like a bear:

Must be 100% vaccinated (check). Must enter country with a negative test not older than 24-48 hours. Must quarantine for 10 days (and if you quarantine within a residence, then everyone there must quarantine). Must take two tests whilst in quarantine and both be negative. Must take another test after you leave.

Under my pre-COVID routine, by the time I’m done with the rules, I’ll have just 5 days to live normally before heading back.

Might be time to update that plan.

C’mon England and Ireland … get your sh*t together!

together we got this! - baby | Meme Generator

Sigh # 439.

Just to be clear … I am NOT complaining about counties trying desperately to stop this pandemic. I AM, however simply explaining WHY I don’t mind changing my keyboard to Greek letters.

The disjointedness of this post has me concerned that I may be going a wee bit nutty today.

I think I’ll take take myself out for a drive around town. See what’s going on out there. See something I wouldn’t have had I not gone out.

Last time I did, I passed a grown man walking up the sidewalk with a live green parrot on his shoulder.

You just never know.

Happy Sunday.

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