Baby Steps

I have the day off today.

It’s a much needed mental harmony day away, as my friend Hannah says.

I was supposed to have yesterday off too, but I remotely snuck in to check on a few issues, and ended up leaving around 3.

Really? Once I entered my laptop password, I never had a chance.


So, last night I gave myself a stern but supportive talking to.

And it went something like this:


Hey there Self, gotta sec?

Listen Buddy. About Friday …

You are not going to work. You are not setting your alarm. You will not pass GO. You will not collect $200.

If you wake up early, you are going to go back to sleep.

The only thing you are going to do after you get moving is to make it a two cuppa French Roasted day.

You have exactly two things that you need to do on Friday, and they are: Go to the store (because brussels sprouts is a far superior dish when paired with freshly chopped garlic and steamed in chicken broth). And drop off your Jeep to get side steps installed.

That’s it.

Now, do you and my Ego a favour, and stick to the plan.


Sometimes it’s important to gather all the voices in your head, and get them all on the same page.

It’s just past 2pm, and I’m doing really really well.


Straight out the gate this morning I did wake up early, and I did go back to sleep. So, checkmark on a solid start.

Sometime later, the NYTimes Spelling Bee declared me a genius. With coffee in hand, I thank you very much.

And somewhere in the middle I YouTubed the latest Pen Pals Podcast with Rory Scovel and Daniel Van Kirk. This one has the incredibly likeable Jerry O’Connell as the 3rd Paller, as they call themselves.

Rory and Daniel have been at this podcast for sometime now, and it’s fun to watch it pick up traction with each new series. Also, I’ve had a virtual BBF crush on Daniel Van Kirk since the days he was on with the Sklar Brothers.

What can I say? I’m a Penny.

Thanks for ‘keepin it real, Triple Ps!


Now, in full disclosure, I did log into work and answer AN email.

One little email.

As in singular.

And I do have to approve our time cards in a bit.

But that’s it.

Promise promise.


Well, that is, until tomorrow, when my team deploys an enhancement to our website so it will be available first thing Monday for the rest of our colleagues.

Eh, what can I say?

Baby Steps.

Happy Friday

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