Roads and Skies

It’s been awhile since I parked myself in front of this blog.

I tend not to regularly write when I am away.

It’s a combination of being busy during the week, and enjoying the people in front of me too much to want to spend hours with a keyboard on the weekend.

Both forgivable.


I arrived back late Thursday night, and made it about 5 minutes inside this poor wee cottage before my pillows called out to me.

I am usually amped up when I first arrive. But I didn’t sleep well the night before and the 4 airports, 2 car rides and 19 travelling hours took it’s toll.

So, I crawled into bed, clothes and all. and stayed there ’til daylight woke me up.


Not quite done, I did something I also don’t normally do … I took an impromptu Friday off.

Yep, I decided I needed to say hello to my neglected books and plants. Once back on friendly terms, I then took a refreshed me and my Jeep out for a trip along the river and up into the green hills.

Good thing that I am still charmed by my work, otherwise I can see that type of Friday day becoming pretty infectious.


I’ve included a few pics from my drive last weekend around the western coast of England.

Marty and I stumbled upon a lovely spot called Ilfracombe, crowded with locals and visitors … and surrounded by blue skies, Monet clouds and blue-green water.

Oh, and Her:

She is Damien Hirst’s Verity.

A bold 20 foot statue overlooking the seafront.

I both marvelled at it and wondered how it represented a message of Truth and Justice, as the write up stated.

I think I went back to it about 3 times.


Absolutely was I fascinated by her.

And absolutely was I taken aback by her size, pregnant belly and half human face.

But that child-like gasp-moment lasted about a minute. Then I got it. And the Boadicea warrior pose was also not lost on me.

Verity is a stunner for sure.

What an extraordinary find on a random Sunday drive around Devon.

Happy Saturday.

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