Birds of Prey

It seems every other month or so, I receive a ping on my phone letting me know that my package couldn’t be delivered because of a bad address.

Of course, they send a link to correct this egregious error.


A few times “Amazon” has directly contacted my work number, desperately trying to get me my stuff.

Of note: Every time a colleague asks, I have to look up that number.


This past week, a “person” messaged me on LinkedIn wanting to confirm that my company hires people via text, because that’s what they did with her.

Yeah, so that got deleted in 2.5 seconds.

Two things about that.

First off, really?

Second, if that were a legit human? Then that person is very very stoopid.

And yes, that’s stupid with two O’s.


Today, “Melissa” left me a note on the same social, saying it’s been awhile since we chatted and let’s connect. I’m like, who? When I looked at her profile, her college is Wuhan University.

Could be, couldn’t be …

But I’m rightly saying that I have never met that individual in my life.


Ah, the ever circling vultures.

To state the obvious here. I mean, it’s not only rude, but targeting is just so nasty.

With them, I always think about my parents when it comes to this kind of nonsense, and it pisses me off to no end.


I became super protective of my parents their last ten years on this Earth, especially with social media and their mobiles.

They enjoyed the access that both offered, but they never thought meanness would reach out and touch them through their personal phone or Chromebook.

And though I no longer stand guard at their gate, I still metaphorically pull out my matching samurai swords when those birds of prey start to swoop.


Luckily my experience with scammers thus far is fairly transparent.

That being said, BBC News reported that an elderly mum got a text from her “son” asking for money because he was in an emergency. THAT one almost worked.

Talk about your lowest of lows.


I don’t have a plan for avoiding these tricksters.

It’s oddly something we have to accept.

I guess the best defence here is to ignore, remove and move on. Oh, and share your story out to perhaps help the next person from within.


That’s the ‘ole got your back and pay it forward good deeds.

Can’t really go wrong with those two.

Actually, that’s pretty solid advice for most things now, isn’t it?

Happy Saturday.

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