Carb Arrogance

Since the afternoon of July 3rd, 2018 I have generally stayed away from carbs. This has meant, on a regular basis, no bread, pasta, potatoes, beer, honey (drizzled on my Greek yoghurt) and soda.

In the last 332 days (give or take), I’ve had plus or minus: 10 slices of bread, 1 soda, 3 potatoes, 12 beers, 2 pastas and no honey. That’s pretty awesome considering I grew up with toast every morning, pasta at least three times a week … and forget about trying to count starches. I didn’t and still do not eat much, I just ate wrong.

It’s been eye opening. I feel focused, sleep better and I’m at least 2 inches less on all sides of my body to the point that my pants have to be held up with makeshift belts otherwise they will literally fall straight down.

I know I know, I need to buy new clothes, but I so dislike shopping. That’s another story.

Anyway, I’m not stressing myself out with keto or a regime or a counter, I’m just lowering my carb intake as a lifestyle change choice. In doing so, I have found out the following:

  • The more I stay away from gluten products, the more my system is profoundly negatively affected when I do have food made with whatever flour forms gluten.
  • I’ve an oddly arrogant attitude when opting to have carbs. Like an internal Devil saying: Go on. One dish won’t kill you. One beer won’t hurt.

Yesterday evening I knowingly went for my 3rd pasta in a year by ordering low mein as I watched Bill Murray’s Meatballs. I have a few regrets this morning, not about the movie but about the meal.

First off. Meatballs holds up. A 1979 movie about summer camp relationships, I think it still works because there’s no technology to date it. It’s lakes, trees, boats, wacky counsellors and cute kids. And it’s Canadian adorable humour.

A solid film that I enjoyed as thunderstorms boomed outside and rain drenched my front porch.

Unfortunately, what I am not enjoying is the lingering effect of my carb choice last night. Today my focus is off. I seem water heavier. And I’m hyper aware of my skin that even my toes feel porky. Ugh. I remember this feeling as one that I never wanted to feel again.

I can fix this glitch this weekend by due diligence with my food intake and a wee fast. And I can safely say that my low mein meal last night was not worth the footprint it is leaving with me today.

What I need to do is store this feeling in my memory bank for the next time when Carb Arrogance pops on my shoulder and attempts to wave away my sense of Bodily Self.

Happy Saturday.

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