Day 30.5: Grumpy

Random Thoughts:

  • How do I make it so a phone will not make calls after 8 pm? … Asking for a friend …
  • Of all the people I’ve encountered in this world, I wonder if I haunt anyone.
  • According to Twitter … when you spell your twitter handle backwards and umlaut the first vowel in each word, this becomes your IKEA furniture name. Mine is Ëtac Ëtac … and I love it with all my Träeh.
  • If Day 30 is this heavy, I need to up my game for Day 40 – because this feeling sucks.
  • I want everyone to leave Britney alone. Not because I think she’s being picked on, but because she is very very stupid and I don’t want to hear from very very stupid celebrities. You got that Madonna, Gal, Tom and your idiot son Chet?
  • After a few years away, I’ve spent the last 6 months getting re-acquainted with Facebook. Two nights ago I ran into a pic of my old apartment building and a woman’s foot on my Buddha statue outside on a familiar looking balcony. I didn’t need to see that. I never need to see that. None of that is my business. So I’m out. If anyone needs me you can my phone. Call it old school. I call it self-preservation.
  • Cheap wine affects me quicker than the expensive stuff. Why is that exactly?
  • I’m not losing my marbles. But every day I hate a little more the rug in the living room.
  • My awesome neighbor Monroe just sent me a pic of a blue sky empty sandy beach where she and her girlfriend are self-isolating. All I could think was: Oh hells YES lady! Own it for us all!

Hang in there. I will too.

Happy Thursday.

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