Day by Day


That was a long week.

It was half my doing.

On Monday, I told my colleague Stacey that I was going to take this week day by day. And only day by day.


Because on the 15th, the people I hired will remove all my Mum’s things from her house. And I don’t want it to happen, even though I am the one who arranged it.

If it weren’t necessary, I’d say I only have myself to blame.

So I willed this past week to slow down.

And the Universe kindly responded.

However, in doing so, the space/time continuum filled my days with so many meetings and so much talking, that around Wednesday evening I wondered if I could literally utter one more word.

Then my nights were consumed by a series of subconscious wonders, very much like the one I wrote about here.

Aurora Green Sky, by the way, may be one of my favourite posts to date. It took quite a few edits, but it reads and flows so well, just as I saw it.

It’s been a marathon 6-ish days. I’m going to try and stretch that to 8.

I don’t really have a plan for this weekend. Which is right on par with me being me.

I do know this: Nichole’s tornadic activity from yesterday has ushered in a bright and deeply rich-coloured today.

I feel drawn to be outside, to experience with my own eyes the healing message that is in Mother Nature’s canvas.

Happy Saturday.

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