Driving Miles

I took Miles out for a long drive yesterday.

We drove along the 6 mile river road stretch.

We mingled through the downtown streets.

We obeyed the 25mph residential speed limits.

We maintained our distance driving 65.

All the while, the tunes shuffled through an eclectic mix of God’s Property, Avicii, Miranda, Snoop, Melissa, Sammy Davis, Madness and The Tragically Hip … to name drop a few.

As the afternoon winded down, the thought came to me that I needed to plant colours.

So I went round to the local garden centre and picked up 12 young yellow pansies for the 4 outside hanging boxes, 2 ornamental yellow and red chili plants and 2 mixed variety pre-planted planters.

When I got back, I immediately put the pansies and plants in their places.

It felt so good to have my hands in dirt.

After tidying up and washing the soil from under my nails … I poured myself a glass of wine, and rang Marty for our chat, as I stood on my once faded now colourful front wooden porch.

And that, folks, is what I call getting a big ‘ole life balance checkmark.

Happy Sunday.

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