Economy of Words

Take this 31-word quote explaining why the Doc Martin TV series is coming to an end:

“I just think we’ve sort of done everything. I mean, it would be so great to just sort of carry on, but I don’t think we can keep it as good.”

Martin Clunes

Remove the extraneous, and the quote amounts to:

“It would be great to carry on, but we can’t keep it as good.”

Anonymous (see what I did there?)

14 words.

1 thought.

0 wishy-washy.

100% better.

Just say it.

Unless you source it otherwise, your words are yours to own. So own them.

A point does not require self-apologetic hemming and hawing. Don’t confuse fluff with diplomacy; it is neither incorrect nor rude to be clear. It’s called valuing one’s time and having an opinion.

That being said, I’m sorry to see Doc Martin go.

Happy Tuesday.

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