Grumpy Little Rain Cloud

When the morning cuppa just doesn’t do the trick as well as it should. Yeah. That.

Welcome to today.

It’s a roller coaster Spring. One day smooth. The next day, heavy. Two steps forward, two steps back. Cha cha cha. This is not my style, and I certainly hope it is not my ‘new’ norm.

Not one to waste, in honour of this grumpy behaviour, I’m going poke a little stick at celebrities.

A Plea: What the hell is Elon Musk’s problem? Can we put a four week ‘news’ ban on him … and while we’re at it, can we stop acting like his partner Grimes is famous for being anything other than a C-List Canadian Singer having a billionaire’s baby? Ouch.

Raise the Bar: Oprah making her own bed is NOT news.

IQ Test: Anyone else think it’s funny that Madonna reads her own words by moving her head, not her eyes? That’s what we did when we were 5 and in the beginning stages of learning about the wonderful world of words. Also, when she’s in her darkened room with her stupid typewriter, or in her bathtub? Yeah, at least one other person is in the room with her recording her. Can you imagine getting a paycheck to click that button for that nonsense? Bet it wasn’t just one take either.

Question: If celebrities are telling us to Stay Home … why are they being photographed out and about in public areas?

Padded Walls: I think it HILARIOUS that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, in isolation, organised a painting session at their kitchen table for their three grown children. It looked more like a swanky adult daycare brochure for the intellectually challenged. Granted, at least THEY were at home.

Okay, I think I’m done being petty and nosy and a wee bit of a snob.

Hang in there.

Happy Tuesday.

Oh, and sorry.

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