Karmic Saturn

Last night, as I was moving pictures around to make room for my Mum’s wall hangings, I had this thought:

What began May 31st … Tomorrow … on Thanksgiving Day … will close that journey … so you can explore this new you, the one you’ve been feeling ever since.

May 31st is when I flew over an ocean, and drove over mountains, to be with my Mum, who passed 1 June. Her best friend said she was waiting for me. I say it was by God’s Grace. Either or, it is humbling to think of both.

I didn’t speak those words, or think those words.

Instead, with hammer in hand and standing on my ladder, it was more like I experienced the sentiment of those words.

I assumed I was being uberly mentally adjusted, and not a little obvious.

Turns out, I was being moved by Planets and Constellations.

24 November 2022


(January 20 – February 18)

Today Saturn in Aquarius meets up in a karmic union with the Sagittarius Moon. This might hold some clarity for you on a theme that was happening within your life back in May of 2022.

With Sagittarius affecting the part of your life that represents your social circle and Saturn highlighting your own sense of self, there may be some truths coming out or rearranging in this arena. You have gone through your own rebirth period of working through your past so that you can step more fully into the life that you have created.

This alignment today helps you recognize all that has changed and how now that you understand you are a completely different person, life looks completely different as well.

It doesn’t happen often.

But when my horoscope speaks to my life? It’s a sure bet that I’m going to run with it for the rest of the day.

Besides, it’s fun to consider the cosmic connection between little ‘ole me and this magnificent expanding Universe.

I’m firmly Team Pluto, as my one and only shirt design clearly shows:

But that Saturn ain’t so bad either.

To my American family and friends, wherever you may be today, a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

And to everyone, the warmest regards and kindest wishes to you all.

Happy Thursday.

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