La da dee da da loo

I am having a difficult time committing to thinking about anything outside of my job responsibilities, and I’ve the excessive work hours to prove it.

It’s been a wild 120 transition phase, beginning the end of last year and only halting once for Christmas Day ,.. and this phase still has 23 more days left.

After which, the next phase will be a year of building upon re-building on a once wobbly now solid foundation … and we will innovate and move forward. That being said, we can’t get there without going through these final weeks.

When done, the other side will be like turning the lights on in a darkened warehouse to discover shelves filled with brilliant shiny ideas.

Oh, look at me, being the big dreamer …

I can handle the pace for a few reasons:

Because I find time daily to ring my friends and chat about topics that reach beyond our today.

Because my Instagram algorium is made of solely of food preparation and engineer videos.

Because I have zero interaction with Facebook, CNN, Fox “News” and BBC.

Because I steal private time away in my reading room, enjoying the comfort of my warm blanket draped over me in my oversized chair, as I practice French and test my skills against the NYTimes online word games.

Because, well, I’m a lucky stargazer.

Happy Sunday.

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