Leaf Colours

An actual TV episode summary: When a blind girl’s seeing eye lion is mistaken for a rogue, Tarzan must prove the beast’s innocence.

A seeing eye lion mistaken for a rogue? So good it’s golden.

Is it me or is October taking forever to pass by? I’m not expressly in a hurry for November, it’s just that October seems to be hanging around like an overextended house guest. Yesterday I noticed pumpkins on a church lawn, and without worth of lie, I would have sworn Halloween had come and gone only to realise there’s ten plus days left.

Fun game to do around this time of year is to play the game where you have to guess if a person is wearing a costume or if they are in their normal day to day attire.

Not one for games by nature, but since moving to this city I find this one to be a challenging brain teaser. And it’s fifty fifty unless you’re playing with someone who knows the person in question.

All G-Rated fun. No one takes pictures. No one points. And no one wins.

There’s a lovely autumnal afternoon light dancing around a partly overcast sky that I wish to explore. I’ve about an hour more of work before I am off to see what the world is doing out there.

Think I might take a drive down to the river road and find a tree with changed leaf colours. Not planning to solve world issues today, I’m searching for a meditative moment to unplug and appreciate the Earth as it switches over to shades of darker greens, browns, yellows and reds.

I’ll show it here when I get back.

Happy Saturday.

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