Lizzie and Me

Oh, my dreams are still kicking me hard in the rear.

Last night I spent 276 hours being lost in an obnoxiously large office building in Washington D.C. with The Queen of England.

For hours Lizzie and I climbed stairs, scaled rooftops when we couldn’t find doors, winded our way through offices and cubicles, through tiny corridors … never finding an entrance or an exit.

I mean, it doesn’t take a degree to figure this one out: I’m stressed about work and I want to be in England.

I woke up so exhausted this morning, that I turned my single French Roasted coffee mug into a double Espresso shot glass.


At least my Subconscious gave me the cool royal to hang with.

Moving on …

I have two plans for today.

  1. Pick up my waiting case of Robert Hall Chardonnay at my local wine seller.
  2. Do as little as possible until this afternoon when I ring my BFF in Cardiff.

That’s it.

That’s all I have in me.

  • No, I don’t want to watch the Olympics.
  • No, I’m not interested in doing the dishes.
  • Yes, the laundry will be fine unfolded.

After last night, I’m sure Her Majesty understands.

It’s all good.

I’m happy to simply spend a little time checking on me today.

Besides, any intended weekend chores I took care of yesterday, which included me testing out my new Eureka vacuum cleaner on my three area rugs.

Now, I am by no means an appliance person by nature, but WOW are vacuum cleaners awesome looking, and even more awesome in action.

Incredible really. I do kind of wish I had gotten the cordless one though.

That being said, please permit to include here a quick NOTE to SELF.

Dear Self:

I hope this note finds you well. Crazy weather we’re having, right?

Dearest, I’m writing this note to us as a reminder to please please please, from here out, purchase a new vacuum cleaner every other year.

Why, you may have forgotten? Because, my absent-minded alter ego, advanced technology finds and removes dirt like nothing we’ve previously ever owned could.

And in 2 years’ time, when your eyes once again expand to the size of Pluto at the mounting filth collecting in your newest vacuum’s clear bagless cylinder, please be kind and remind yourself that you are indeed a lovely person with now the latest in-home cleaning care … and absolutely NOT a lousy housekeeper.

Toodles Muffin!

Your Always Loving and Caring.


Happy Saturday.

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