Mapping March

I know it’s only January, but I’ve got March on the brain.

And it’s looking something like this:

  • Leave Thursday sometime.
  • Take hour and fifteen flight up to Edinburgh.
  • Spend an evening dining well, and the next day walking the Royal Mile.
  • Take the next 2-3 days leisurely road tripping the 500 miles back down south, by way of Tynemouth, Durham, and Lincoln.
  • Cap extended sightseeing weekend that following Monday or Tuesday (depending on the route) with stop off at the waterfront local for a drinkie-poo, Mediterranean meal and chat with Leon and the crew.

I mean.

C’mon now.

Never fight a plan that practically builds itself.

It’s been a few years since I’ve stepped in Scotland. And I’ve not been up north to Tynemouth since 2003. So that will be a fun re-visit.

Tynemouth is a lovely spot, with an old ruined priory and sea-side cliffs, and beautiful side-by-side homes, each with fresh colourful front gardens.

It’s also the former home of my dearest friend who passed away this time last year. That’s how I know of the place. She introduced much of Tynemouth to me when we stayed up there in 2003. Great time.

So I shall pay my respects to Fossil by saying hello to her beloved town.

Quite fitting I think.


Time to go.

According to his text, I’m to make myself “salon ready” for a cocktail hour at my brother Drew’s place.


Apparently, my Old Navy ripped jeans will just not do.


I really only shine when dressed like a hobo hippie.

Ah, well.

Anyway, before signing off, I’d like to give a shout out to my other brother on his birthday today. Enjoy your day my almost Irish Twin. Mine’s right behind you.

Happy Saturday.

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