Morning Questions

Heading back on the road in a few, leaving my parents homestead and the Uncle Donald swing behind.

The current plan is to take the long way back and check out Spring around the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s chilly, but there’s colour in between the greenery that I’d like to catch a glimpse of as it pops.

The scenery mixed with tunes will be my distraction from this morning’s swirling questions. I’ve a head full of nonsense today. Stuff like:

  • What if my dreams are truly messages from other people?
  • Have I ever met a scientologist?
  • What exactly IS my next move?
  • Can morality be rebuilt?
  • Why haven’t I been to Vancouver?
  • What cruel warfare would we humans manufacture if we took away guns?
  • How is it that I went from owning six pairs of glasses to only having two?
  • Back at the poor wee cottage, what am I going to do with myself this evening?
  • It’s Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo and Gummo … right?
  • What’s a really good knock knock joke?

Ah, the mind reels with first world thoughts. This I know, I count myself fortunate to be able to entertain them.

Happy Easter Sunday. And a prayer for those across the globe.

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