My Brother Drew

Yesterday was flooded with my Dad, and a persistent lump in my throat.

I did precisely what I said I was going to do: Not talk to anyone and watch the US Open in Pebble Beach.

Given that it was being played on the West Coast, the tournament lasted until 9:30 my time. I then stretched the night to almost midnight, switched my podcast playlist to shuffle, and drifted off to sleep. No dreams last night. Or none that I recall.

I still feel reflective today, but I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed.

I’m going to hang with my Brother Drew* later this afternoon. He’s rented a practice space, recruited local players and is rehearsing for his new album. I’m doing the website for him and need images of the band playing. So, going to run over there, have a good listen, take a few snaps and see what I get.

*As with all my blog posts, all names have been changed.

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken scheduled pics of people. A long time. Not using any formal equipment. The camera on my Galaxy is wonderful and will serve me well.

Getting good photographs of musicians is about the easiest thing in the world. It literally only takes showing up and focusing the camera. The shot will frame itself by the animated facial and body movements of the subject. Every single movement frozen in time is passion, intensity and effort. Apply a black and white filter … and you’ve got a story.

Some of my favourite photographs are of Drew on stage with his old band and Paul on stage with his. It’s pretty cool to have captured my talented brothers in action.

Paul hung his hat up to be an executive chef some fifteen years ago now. Drew stuck around the scene further, long enough to be mentioned on Wikipedia.

He took six years off to raise a little girl, my Namesake, so his wife Rebi could pursue her law practice. Now Namesake is in school, Drew’s back to music.

And this endeavour is all Drew. He wrote the lyrics and composed the score of the entire album. He’s the Director of this production. And all of us are fine with him running the show.

I’m excited to hear his new stuff in its raw format, getting to experience Drew’s project in its infancy. The website should be up mid July. I’ll post a link here when it’s been blessed by the Boss

Happy Monday.

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