No Shame

I woke up this morning at 7:35. Had a cup of French roasted coffee. Put on a Chris D’Elia podcast with him chatted it up with his brother Matt. The D’Elia boys are charming fellows indeed. So charming, I rested my head against my pillow and promptly fell into a light sleep.

Two hours later I woke with my phone beeping a pending message from my lovely friend about how my day was progressing.

So I got up. Had another cup of yummy coffee. Breezed over a Ms. Pat podcast. I’m intrigued by the brashness and honestly of Ms. Pat, but I can only take her in doses …something I believe even she’d understand. Then realised I meant to run the washer last night.


Now the washer is banging away in the other room with everything in it that I would want to wear if and when I opt to join the world out there. This gives me time to finish my cup of coffee and listen to a Matt D’Elia podcast …

A couple of things:

1. I love being an adult.

2. Oh boy can I take the concept of lazy to a new level of rinse and repeat.

Image result for lazy saturday

3. It’s cool to have a career which allows me to have weekends like this.

4. That being said, if it weren’t for this current job assignment, I’d be in another country.

5. Based on my current attire and present time, I am this close to being a sloth.

When I replied back to my friend about the extent of my day, he texted me the following three words:

I love you.

Smart ass.

I used to joke that at thirteen I sold my sense of humour to a Greek fishing family off the coast of Lagonissi, which was why I was all work and no play. I was the only person who thought this story was funny.

Now I find humour in the tiniest of things. Of which, thankfully, my life is a part of that amusement. I am beyond entertained to unashamedly inform my inner circle about my unstructured privileged weekend mornings … just as they are getting on with chores, kids, sport schedules, meals.

Even more than me telling them, I find myself looking forward to their eye-roll replies back.

It’s become our thing. Lucky for me, I do not require a sarcasm sign.

Happy Saturday.

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