On Thursday morning I completed my 4 airport – 3 plane journey, and now have my two feet safely walking this seaside town in His Majesty’s realm.


It’s good to be back.

Though I do miss my Jeep.

But my neighbours and brother are looking after my place and my Miles, tucked up under his tarp.


I’m all about the northern water breeze over the hot and humid and heavy July air that I left on the US East Coast.

And even though it IS only England (friendly dig), the Guinness pour is very very satisfying.

So is the sport.


It’s insane.

In one day we’ve the British Open in Liverpool, Women’s World Cup Down Under, and the final sprint into Paris for the riders of the Tour de France.

Bonus to all that, is a proper English breakfast for brunch.

Oh, yeah, I’m all in.


I needed the change of pace and scenery.

I’ve been dangerously close to the work-burnout line. Which was becoming more and more evident with the mounting rookie database mistakes I’ve been making. Which then, in turn, created even more stress.

I didn’t ruin anything. I just wasn’t as focused as I normally am, and that was causing others point out and pick up my sloppiness.

All I can say is thank it all that I am a loyal follower of the backup routine. In my world, you can never have too many backups, and I had to use a few of those recently.


In full disclosure, I did log in on Friday for a bit. But the pause to travel and for this weekend, has done a world of good to recharge.

Being in a different time zone, and around friends and familiar hills, gives me a daily healthy reminder that it’s time to take a break.

Break to chat. Break to cook a meal together. Break to watch a movie. Break to have a pint at the local. Then break to shut it all down and sleep in a noise-free cocoon for awhile.


Dear Balance, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance again.

Happy Sunday.

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