Random Thoughts

Ant Lives: Over the last seven days I’ve squashed working ants seeking out a spot for their families to occupy in my kitchen. Whilst I am happy they’re gone, I’ve never felt more like a cowardly giant.

Baby Blues: It continues to bother me that I have to wear glasses to read anything less than a foot away from my face.

Regrets? Oh, I’ve more than a few. And not content to leave it at that … I have regrets about having regrets. Sigh. That’s how my egotistical brain treats my mousy emotions. It’s a wonder I can stand under all these thrown stones.

Travel: A broken record for sure, but boy oh boy do I miss adding to this map:

Celebrity: I am concerned that I think I now know that Ben Affleck’s current girlfriend is an good match for him. I blame the pandemic for causing me to collect baseless useless information.

News: I’m on week two of boycotting CNN and Fox News (though, to be fair, Fox was never on my radar). Until both take a refresher course in journalism, I’m taking them as seriously as I do tabloid reporting (see last paragraph). I’ve written it before and I’ll post it again: No news ISN’T news. There’s plenty going on in the world that requires our attention and deserves research which stretches beyond Twitter. And if BBC doesn’t shape up, its next off my list.

Prediction: Lockdown over, nose gets pierced.

Happy Saturday.

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