Road Trip

Two nights ago I had a dream that Bill Hader was singing a musical number with Audrey Hepburn. Adorable.

I’m heading out tomorrow on a mini road trip. My 13 year old nephew, D-Man, asked if he and my Mum could go somewhere for Spring Break. Absolutely I told him, and with that he found a zoo a few states over that none of us had been to … wheelchair accessible for Grandma, and close enough to pop in on my cousin and her wife for dinner.

My parents took D-Man often on their trips. He’s been their holiday mate since he was old enough to sit in the backseat by himself. And he and my Dad were real time buddies from day one.

Last year, after my Dad … I distracted the two remaining Musketeers by taking them on a drive around parts of Georgia and then Chattanooga Tennessee. They were game to have a change of scenery, and the three of us navigated hotels, drop offs and sight seeing like professional dancers.

Chattanooga is brilliant. It’s a low horizon city with a battlefield in the mountains and an aquarium with a butterfly garden down by the river. I had never experienced a butterfly garden before. A four storied glass enclosure filled with hundreds of live butterflies and people in awe with their arms outstretched. It was the closest I have ever been to what I would call a Disney-Magical-Moment. Great fun. And the locals were warm and polite.

Unfortunately on our last morning, my poor Mum became unwell to the point of passing out. She braved that ride home in the midst of what we know now was congestive heart failure. I shudder when I think of just how ill she was … ugh.

150 million percent better and with doctor approval, my Mum is physically and mentally mended. She’s back to driving, cooking, up and down stairs. It’s awesome, and D-Man wanted to try another trip now that Grandma is healthy.

I’m excited. I have two very enthusiastic seasoned travelling companions to collect, and then we’re off to explore the unknown and create a few adventures of our own.

I’m happy to do it. My Dad would be happy too.

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