Roar of the Crowd

This past week, my World got in my way.

Even something as treasured to me as my job proved challenging.

Because I allowed minor players to interrupt my thoughts and steal my moments.

I didn’t do what I wanted.

I didn’t do what I needed.

I feel like I’ve been run over.


These kind of lows do not happen to me much anymore. Easily seduced by people who ended up being merely tourists in my life, I’ve learned to protect myself from them and places that bring me down.

However, apparently, not so well. As here I am this morning trying to find my mental “delete browser history” button.


In the grand scheme of things I am not injured.

I am not betrayed. No one is harmed. No one is wronged.

But the weight on my soul remains after a week of dealing with people who don’t love me but yet felt it necessary to include me in their nutty lives.


Oh well.

Welcome to the inner workings of a very sensitive child, who takes highs to their heights, and feels a glitch like it were a mortal wound from a sharp blade.

It’s one of my shortcomings.

I just really like having a good day. And I am gutted when it can’t be creative and light, as I believe is my right and something I have earned.

Man, for a minute there I was seriously batting 1,000.


In the end I have Faith that I will both get over it and figure it out.

And I’m fairly certain it will involve a nap, a shower, a drive and guidance from God.


It’s just that today feels a little bit like the day after losing a streak.

Which means, to stick with the baseball analogy, the question I need to ask is: What did Cal Ripken Jr. do, after he soared past Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game record then missed the next game?

Yeah, I know too.

Go on now. Dust yourself off there my dear Finnegan, and do what you do best.

Begin again.

Happy Saturday

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