Self Hug

Yet another one of my zodiac readings is so obviously not about me.

Because of all the things to voluntarily do? Yeah, kitchen and crafts are not in my pool.

So, today’s post, paired with Monday’s about starting a family … Makes me wonder if my parents lied to me and I’m really a Capricorn.


Horoscopes are my harmless mindless online follows.

I periodically check on my Aquarius side, and nose around the rest of the wheel for good measure.

And, absolutely, do I twinge each time my horoscope reads anywhere near what I am going through at that moment.

Because I so want to think that maybe, just maybe, the inter webs has finally harnessed the mystery of life, and placed it on a free website that effortlessly pops up on my Google News feed.

No such luck, again.

Oh well.

Moving on ….


Okay, so THAT was a long week.


When a week like that happens, I am convinced it was my turn to take the punch for the Universe. Somehow thinking that makes it more bearable midway through.

Now firmly on the other side, the next couple of days are going to be spent spoiling myself.


By giving myself a break, and allowing the me in me to just simply be.

I know, right?


I’m not going to think about deadlines. I’m not going to stress about siblings. I’m not going to wonder if I should or should not have said that. I’m not going to fire up my laptop to adjust code and databases.



Instead, I am going to have a second cuppa. Perhaps enjoy a few strips of bacon. Then take a long shower, followed by an even inexplicably longer time to get ready.

Then, after I grab my Jeep keys, I will overlook the Amazon boxes that need to be taken to the bins in the back, and go out the front door. To gauge the top or no top situation, before I wander around to see what Mother Nature’s been up to whilst I was stuck in a rut.


That’s a healthy and solid plan.

Something akin to a self hug.

And a much needed one at that.

Happy Saturday.

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