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I had what I can only describe as a hectic but solid week.

I’ll take it.

Monday saw me up at our work offices meeting new co-workers. It could not have gone better. It’s just so nice to met nice people. And like I say: Nice is just so, well, nice.

My team deployed new features onto our website. This is what makes my job the best. I get to create, design, and collaborate on really really good ideas … then watch them go out to an enthusiastic public.

I finalised and confirmed the moving company and dates for my parent’s things. Whilst I find that sad, I’m working towards it being an okay thing for me to do.

My friend’s Mum hurt herself in a rather nasty fall. She sustained bumps and bruises. By God, she is okay. She’s is one of my favourite people on this Earth, and I say my thanks up that she is mending, and so too is her family.

Then my Mum visited me in a dream. She came to my bed, put her hands on either side of my face, and kissed me on the cheek. Just like she used to. Since June 1st, I’ve been waiting for her to do that.

It’s a beautiful Saturday.

So I’m going to take my Jeep Miles out for a few hours, and find faces in the white puffy clouds, whilst channelling the ever catchy cheery’ Ms. Messina’s Heads Carolina

Sounds like a plan to me.

Happy Saturday

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