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Summer 2019

I received word that my team’s start date is officially delayed for a wee bit longer. I’m not surprised. This work is a big deal and everything must be in order before we start. So this slight pause is beyond our steering wheel control. Which means there is zero reason to invest any positive or negative thought over the delay. It be, as they say, what it be.

I have the same calming rationalisation when it comes to traffic. It be what it be. There is little to no point getting all fired up. I say find some good tunes, lean back and relax. No amount of agitation is going to move stuck cars; give your blood pressure a rest. It may take some time but it will sort itself out.

Back to work … or more to the point, back to my extended Summer holiday.

I’ve got the end of June covered with a road trip to the Southern part of the United State to visit at least two of my oldest friends. I think that begins around the 26th and will take me into July.

Then around the middle of this month I’ve been invited to join my brother Drew and his crew for an outdoor Shakespeare production of The Tempest. There’s a 50/50 chance on me attending. The Tempest is one of my favourite … however, being outside in the humidity is not. Heat I can do. But unless I’m in a sexy place like New Orleans, dressing up and hanging out in a sweltering humid night is a show stopper. So I wait on Mother Nature.

In between I’m taking in random local dining spots, of which there must be a hundred in the downtown area alone … all with excellent reviews. I’m still seeking out a good Indian place. I so could go for lamb rogan josh and saag paneer.

So there’s plenty to keep me occupied. My plan is to thoroughly enjoy Summer 2019 with mini-adventures, peppered with some freelance work, and mostly minding my own.

Happy Friday.

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