Tu Fais Quoi?

Day 14 … Whatcha doin?

Well …

Brother Drew and my niece are testing their geography over at LizardPoint. Apparently the state of Oklahoma alluded them. I do great when quizzed with countries in Africa. Am a bit wobbly around the Baltic. And consistently cannot find Wyoming.

Marty is building a virtual Neolithic village on his play station, with huts, seasons, people and rapidly dying off woolly mammoths. He’s up to 67 villagers. Oh, and the woolly mammoths went extinct two days ago.

Nephew D-Man, last I heard, was working in the garden with Grandma.

Mum is reading like a titan and cooking like a boss.

Brother Joe is in Ukraine, eating. Last post on Instagram looked like deviled eggs and caviar.

Brother Fred is managing the store with reduced staff and reduced hours – but they are still open in an university town that used to have a student population around 40,000. Luckily the locals like pizza too.

Brother Irish Twin’s catering company is staying open by offering delivery meals. Peruvian chicken with roasted potatoes, enough for a family of four, sounds pretty good over my lunch meat and sliced olives from a jar.

I heard JB’s company is on a heightened learning curve as they move their business model from physical conferences to webinars.

Kathy’s restaurants are holding up in Nashville. Curbside, baby.

Angie’s teaching her son from home in Madison.

Han is with his wife, their two dogs, in their pool in Dallas.

Rinna is working from home, and with her mini-me-miss on Vancouver Island.

Hannah had to self isolate after a travel 2 weeks ago, but is clear and well in Atlanta.

Me? I’m working from the poor wee cottage during the day. In the evening I am chatting it up with people who love me. And, at night, my brain is finally allowing me to get some rest again.

I don’t have to explain how wonderful beyond lucky it is to be able to write the above today. Counting another day … gratefully.

Hang in there.

Happy Tuesday.

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