I am weary of today.

To its credit, the day began well. I woke early and naturally. Made myself a lovely cup of coffee. I fired up work around 6 am. Exchanged a few emails with Rinna in Vancouver (always a highlight to chat with my life long friend). And I owned my French lessons this morning like a BOSS.

That being said, about an hour ago, a nervousness rested in my gut like the kind one gets on the first day at a new school.

Then I read stuff online. Oh boy, not one positive headline: From NPR to BBC to CNN to People to Daily Mail (yes, I read Tolstoy AND tabloids).

Even Louis, my robot vacuum, is behaving as if he were a dog experiencing a shift in plate tectonics right before an earthquake … of all the six other rooms he could be tending to, he’s spending an inordinate about of time in this one, and kicking my chair excessively.

Oh, and I’ve a bloody pimple on my chin that is growing vocal cords.

So, what’s it all about? I know not. But man do I need to change this narrative, and fast.

Here’s a pleasant start.

On a less world-ending fear note, I found my perfect rental for when I move next year. It has everything I want:

It’s in the North. It is spaced away from neighbours. It sits next to water. Has plenty of light. Modern but cottage-y. Lots of rooms with views …

Unfortunately this Rhode Island gem is asking for $125,000 to be taken out of my MONTHLY living expenses. And according to my laptop calculator, that’s about $123,000 a month beyond my budget.


True conversation:

Me sighing as I look through a magazine: Mum, why is everything I like so expensive?

Mum without missing a beat: Because I raised you right.

The author at 13

I’ll be back in a bit, hopefully with an increased sense of humour!

Happy Wednesday.

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