A Day In A Life

Within 24 hours of returning, I:

  • Discovered my car’s battery died.
  • Got into a mis-communication with my brother, where he made two assertions that simultaneously angered me and deeply hurt my feelings.
  • Spent the rest of the evening wondering if I will ever be close with my brother again.
  • Drank to forget the above.

The car I can deal with. Having words with anyone, let alone a brother, yeah, not so much.

I spent 30 days being stress-free, productive, active and content. Yesterday’s blow up confirmed that being specifically here is a place that does little to promote my well being.

What’s more, this negative wave looks like it has the power to darken my morning.

I strive to be so careful with how I interact with a day, to ensure it has a meaningful life. So it makes it that much more awful to be knocked over one.


Happy Sunday.

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