First World Problems

I was mentally prepared to head out for a few days at noon when I noticed I loaded the washing machine yesterday afternoon and forgot to run it.

Silly head smack moment.

Thursday was distracting day: Sad dreams followed by a rejected draft followed by screaming neighbours … all under a stalled monsoon that lasted the entire day which dripped into the second bedroom. I’m surprised I didn’t also leave the iron on.

For the record, I don’t own an iron; it’s just an excuse I use when I want to leave a party. I think it’s from one of the Airplane movie.

Missed laundry opportunity aside, I received an email from Fedex that my quarterly wine picks are scheduled to arrive sometime between 11 and 4, which, of course, requires my signature. So, I’m staying put.

This just means my road trip is delayed by a day. No matter, my destination’s Friday traffic is something akin to the 405 in La La Land, so I’m flexible with a Saturday departure instead.

Actually, I don’t mind traffic. I know, I know, it’s an odd thing to admit. I like my car. I like my tunes. I enjoy sightseeing. Even when the view is unattractive, ugly can still be interesting. Absolutely do I not want to be stuck on one stretch of a highway for 6 hours. But a few fender to fender moments I’m don’t seem to mind.

Oh, I can hear Lee going mental over that last paragraph. He doesn’t do well in grocery lines let alone long stop lights. We are polar opposites on this subject.

So, small hiccup. Not a worry. I’ll figure out the rest of the day after the wine comes. And there’s always March Madness.

Happy Friday.

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