48 Hours

In the past 48 hours I have:

  • Worked.
  • Crushed it on my Duolingo French practice quizzes (and I’m talking even with those irresponsible irregular verbs).
  • Let Hugo Jacomet educate me about bespoke tailor Lorenzo Cifonelli.
  • Almost completed my Christmas buying (one left).
  • Re-connected with two former colleagues: Sachin and Tawney.
  • Sampled a 2017 Carneros Saintsbury Chardonnay, which is so going into my collection.
  • Watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the one with Eddie Murphy. I highly recommend, Eddie’s a gem of a storyteller.
  • Chatted it up with Marty in Cardiff … twice, and going to again in about 23 minutes.
  • Cleaned the floors.
  • Opened the windows in December.
  • Felt the sun on my face …

And in honour of these last 48 hours, I’m sharing a favourite clip from the Tennessee Kid himself. A guy who masterfully mixes gentil with humour with charm. Just like my weekend. Cheers Nate.

Happy Sunday

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