The last 24 hours.

I worked. Finished a wee book. Wrote some stuff. Went down an Instagram rabbit hole with this hashtag: #murphybed. Spoke with my Mum. Had a miscommunication with a friend. Fixed miscommunication with friend. Ordered Indian food after sustaining a week from ordering.

Watched Life of Brian.

Slept. Slept for 11 hours.

Drank a cuppa coffee. Let the podcast Comedy Bang Bang with Kurt Braunohler play on my laptop. Got a sexy wink on Instagram from a ‘guy’ from ‘Norway’. Deleted from Instagram a ‘guy’ from ‘Norway’. Whatsapp texted with Marty in England.

Read global news. Stopped reading global news. Avoiding virus stats. Wondering when I should get up and get going … but to where?

In the meantime: I’ve cracked the bedrooms blinds and opened the back garden door to let in Saturday’s daylight. I turned off the podcasts to replace voices with singers:

Ben Danaher’s Silver Screen.

Brandi Carlile’s The Joke:

Eros Ramazzotti Parla Con Me (Speak To Me):

Good things come in threes. Next up. Open windows. Go for a walk.

Between 1 and 10, I’d give the last 24 a solid 8.97

Happy Saturday.

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