Elementary Holmes

I have just finished a fun read. The Enola Holmes Mystery series, Book 1.

By Nancy Springer

Enola is Sherlock and Mycroft’s very much younger sister, and a sleuth of her own. I immediately was fascinated by the idea.

A movie has been made with Superman as Sherlock. I wasn’t sure who picked hunky Cavill to play the tall, pale, socially awkward detective.

A skeptic, I wanted to first read the book in the event the movie fails to deliver and ruins the concept.

With its large font and short chapters, I jumped to the conclusion that this series was intended for young minds just learning to read longer books. Not that I care, a good read is a good read regardless of audience age. Two pages in, the word prostitute is used … and not a few times did I have to pause to look up Victorian words having to do with transportation and fashion.

A quick read, with pleasing imagery and a well crafted plot. Half way through, in my arrogance, I thought I had figured it all out and scoffed at the author. I was wrong. Right up to the closing sentence. I bow to your greater wisdom, Ms Springer.

A solid find, for sure. And a lovely homage to Mr. Conan Doyle sprinkled in with Ms. Rowling’s influence. Still not sure about Cavill. If they follow the book, he should be a minor role anyway. Now let’s hope they didn’t muck up the film by giving it to Guy Ritchie to direct.

Hang in there.

Happy Friday.

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