A Christmas Day Day

The weather was lovely, cloudless with perfect jacket-thin temps as the wind held at bay.

Inside, the tree, decorated since the end of November, still looked ever so sophisticated and homemade with its pretty lights and time-travelled ornaments.

Mid-day I visited my Dad and sat on the land where he has been resting for almost two years now … just me, Pappy, the sun, the grass and the sky.

As two of my Brothers prepared the Christmas meal, two of my other Brothers rang it in … one from upstate and the other from Europe.

Our table was intimate and soft, with a reserved spot for Dad.

We forgot wine, but I managed to find the one seller open on Christmas Day and picked up a Cab, a Chardonnay and a Pinot Grigio. Of which there is plenty to be enjoyed for the remainder of this week.

My Mum is happy.

Besides the stomach bug which saw my dearest mate by himself in his poor wee flat on Christmas … I’d say yesterday was just the right kind of day for a holiday … Right down to my Brother Topher torturing our Nephew by having him endure us watching Hallmark Channel Movies in between the Lakers and Clippers game last night.

Oh, and I built a Japanese inspired bridge out of blocks.

Sometimes, it’s just that simple.

Happy Boxing Day.

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