Making My List

In my dream last night I swam to an island teamed with birds circling an injured dying penguin that had washed up on its shore. There, up the hill, was a museum whose theme was showcasing the seven deadly sins, as a means of how to avoid them. An interesting touch to the dream was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arguing the entire time they toured the house.

As I was leaving, I stepped into an outdoor cleansing shower before diving back into the sea.

I woke to my buzzing phone telling me it was time to get up, do some work, and get back on the road. I will miss my parents’ place. This Christmas was indeed lovely. A wonderful way to say ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’ to 2019 surrounded by family.

I shall return soon, of course, but not today. Today I must be away. But not before this morning, post dream, I began to assemble my 2020 list.

I’m not big on the don’ts of resolutions. For me that is setting myself up for failures that I require little assistance with taking me down. Rather, I am more of a rough-sketch road-map kind of person.

Think: An unpaved path with posted sign suggestions and a lot of flexible twist and turns along the way. The only rule for me is … if I say it, I’m gonna do it.

That being said, I’ve a few points I want to hit in the next couple of months.

  1. Live in England every 6 weeks or so. Check.
  2. Contemplate that job offer in Germany. Check.
  3. Visit Han in Prague.
  4. Go back to 0-ish carbs (I let a few slip in lately and I’ve found I just appreciate it more when they are not around).
  5. Speaking of appreciating, outside of my immediate family, if you received a holiday card from me you’re the one I want to know more about in 2020.
  6. Outside of work. Know that every text does not require an answer. Every email does not include a reply.
  7. Take in more natural light.
  8. Finish The Waste Land. Almost Check.
  9. Donate clothes I’ve not worn in the past six months.
  10. Donate more period.

Oh, I’m liking this new year. It has a melodic ring to it already.

I’m down and up mountain ranges before noon today – on my way back to the poor wee cottage. Lucky for me, the list comes with.

Happy Friday.

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