Green Tahini Dressing

See previous post … I highly recommend Green Tahini Dressing … 

Photo by CSEM

It takes maybe one minute to blend:  Unchopped fresh ingredients thrown in, I followed the recipe but eyeballed the measurements, and cut the honey to a drizzle (though it is needed). Post pulsing, I adjusted with a bit more salt (staying below the recommended half tsp) and yoghurt, then added lemon zest because zest is a wow factor.  A quick finger swipe and the dressing tastes fabulous immediately.

It’s tzatziki minus olive oil and pepper and with tahini.  It won’t replace tzatziki in my book … but it’s a refreshing face on any salad or charred curry chicken.  And like the Greek mainstay, it improves with chill and time.

Beyond balanced, Green Tahini Dressing is fresh and complex with a striking palate hint of being at an outdoor Mediterranean mountain-side restaurant during a cooling down Summer sunset.

Without worth of a lie, I’d slow kiss the chef who boldly tastes this puree delight with a spoon.

Until then … 

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