Pie, Tree, Football, and Me

Where I’ve been:

On Wednesday I drove up, then down, then up a few more mountains to reach my parents’ house, for the long holiday weekend.

For Thanksgiving dinner my Irish Twin Chef made homemade shepherd’s pie for Brother Fred, Mum, Nephew D and me.

It was beyond FANTASTIC, hitting just the right palate notes like the true culinary maestro that he is.

In between Brother Number 1 (Joe) rang from the Baltics to say hello.

What we did:

The following day, Brother Number 4 and and his wife (Drew and Remi) broke away from Remi’s family gathering so we could all decorate the house for Christmas.

This was my Mother’s wish. And, whenever possible, one must always grant a Mother’s holiday wish.

So my little namesake niece took charge of the stairs …

Whilst the rest of us went in and out of the garage, emptying box upon labelled box, until there were no more boxes left to unpack.

When she was done with the stairs, my Namesake moved over to the ornaments.

In the end, as the day closed, that freshly found and cut tree had bloomed an early Christmas Spirit into our little neck of the Blue Ridge Forest …

I know, right?

What happened next:

I was supposed to leave on Saturday. But with everyone here and the lights so pretty, I opted to stay one more day.

Which saw us last night chatting it up with silly stories whilst watching the rivalry college games, and sipping Irish Cream Whiskey along the way.

In case you missed it: Michigan won in the snow. Alabama bested Auburn. Kentucky took Louisville down. And the proud Hokie Bird knocked that smug Cavalier off of his stupid horse.

It’s not our fault, my Dad made us college football fans 🙂 .

Where I’m headed:

Sometime in the next couple of hours I have to go down and back up the mountains to my poor wee cottage.

Then there are few appointments on Monday.

Then a few work meetings on Tuesday, plus a COVID test to fly (just in case I’m asked, I’ve got one).

Then it’s off to the airport Wednesday afternoon, to be at London Heathrow by Thursday morning.

Where I’m at:

Right now, thought, the coffee and homestead warmth are keeping me planted in this comfy oversized sofa, with my Mum to my left reading a book, the beautiful lit tree rising up behind this laptop screen, and the sun coming through the windows in the living room …

Yes, I think I’ll sit quiet on this fluffy winter cloud for a few breezes longer …

Happy Sunday.

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