I had a dream that my old friend Ollie and I couldn’t find the location of our English Lit class. We wandered around the large university campus until we found our ID cards in an envelope on a table in the third building by the empty car park.

Then the view changed from concrete and window buildings to dark wooden interior panels and winding staircases and loads of students seated in amphitheatres. Think Harry Potter set design, if you will. I asked Ollie if this was our class. He smiled and said: Not yet.

I haven’t thought of Ollie in years. He was the Ollie from when were 16, the long haired cute boy whose only wish was to live on a beach in Florida. I think that’s what he did too.

What a funny dream. It was such a cliched dream that is spoken of often: The “oh my god I’m late to class on the first day” subconscious drama. Having Ollie there made the plot more of an adventure and less of a mental anguish. Though I was concerned how our professor was going to deal with us as we walked in to a classroom, tardy.

That was my dream. Personally, a steady stream of joy has been following me these last 30 days or so … it’s been a breath of fresh air to be in a place that promotes both happiness and exploration, whilst moving the Past off to the side, where it ought to have been put some time ago. And presenting a future.

The word Happy gets used often.

And I’m back into the world of work. Only Week Two … Week One was lovely and Week Two seems to be on the same track.

As I was telling my friend the other day – it’s been some time since my personal and professional scales have both been on the incredible side of up and even.

Not without appreciation, my eyes are wide open with wonder.

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