Fallen Notes

Forgive my absence as of late.

My only excuse for being away is that I’ve been too happy to write. So much so, I forgot about blogging.

Wow, now that’s new.

I am experiencing a shift in the Universe that has me looking East, to the Dawn.

Being so distracted by Positive speaks volume … to a level that I can only describe as ‘goes to 11′.

This Is Spinal Tap

For over four years, this corner of the world wide web has been my daily existence. 250 words of exploring the bottomless opinions swirling around a screaming morning mind.

Writing became the only moment I wanted to exist in. Just me. This white canvas. And a blinking cursor, paused, as I collected my fallen notes.

Falling Paper
Falling Paper

My writing does not always make sense, but I try regardless. And waiting for me tomorrow is another blank slate. 2,000 plus posts later, my loyalty cannot be denied.

As a means of protecting myself, I say everything I write is fiction. But within the details of the fantasy is the truer sense of who I am. However I protest that this is fiction, it is a mirror of me. A sad, happy, sometimes good, monster of a human being.

Not always meant to be cathartic, more than often what I publish is the end result of uncorking a bottle to relieve pressure, a common result when living in a fractured shell where nearly every encounter was met with some type of mistake.

Let me stop here.

Have I mentioned the Universe shifted? Well it has, and I’d rather go there.

Moving forward.

Today. Right now. Yesterday. Last week. My brain is skipping in sunlight, on a warm green meadow, where there’s always a mix of blue sky and pretty clouds. I think there might even be a brook in this virtual World.

Image result for green meadow
A Green Meadow

It’s a place created for me, by me … and only for those who carry my ‘invitation-only’ envelope.

There are no loud noises here. No screaming trees. No notes to pick up. No negative waves. No strangers. It’s a spot where paths are made, laughter wins, and sleepless nights are paired with afternoon naps.

It’s a light …

Star Trek


Too much?

I apologise.

I’ll tone this rainbow down a bit.

Let’s just say: I’m in a place where Balance is restored, lost around the time I began blogging. And in its return, I have rediscovered an internal place of Peace and Power, and Faith … not for, at this moment, public consumption.

I was careless with Balance before, I’ll not do that again.

I’m going to leave now. I can’t promise when I’ll be back. I’m not abandoning this blog, which has had me as its biggest fan. I’d just rather be in my meadow.

You don’t mind do you? I’m not sure I write Happy well anyway 🙂

Dear Universe:

Thank you for Balance. For unlocking this cage. Stepping aside. And getting out of my way.

A Bird In Flight

Happy Saturday.

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