Burr, SNL and Hopper

The weekend is here.

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I’m so happy.

Before moving on … I’d like to add my two cents to a chat I heard the other day between comedians Bill Burr and Joe DeRosa, about their most hated popular songs. Oh, I was so there when they started down this road. I never knew I had an opinion about this … But boy did I ever.

The following are my Top 5 most despised songs from the Top 50 most iconic songs published here:

  • Hotel California – Eagles
  • Imagine – John Lennon (I know I know but I just hate it)
  • Sweet Child O Mine – Guns N’ Roses
  • Your Song – Elton John
  • You’ve Lost That Lovin Feeling – Righteous Brothers

And of the five songs above? Eagles win hands down. Every. Single. Time.

Joe Walsh I adore. But I’d rather consume three boxes of raisins (my most loathed food of all time in the categories of taste, texture and concept) before enduring another second with Henley or Frey (may he rest in peace).

Ah, it feels good to get that out there. Okay, NOW I can move on …

Yesterday I slept horrible and woke grumpy … which annoyed me for the rest of the day. What a treat, to be pissed off about being sour. Only me.

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Two things distracted me from my funk. 1) Thinking about my upcoming stay in England and 2) An SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skit:

Ah, good stuff. Thank god for televised humour.

Today the glitch got fixed by a good night’s rest. All the greyness begone and I am back to being lovely and light.

Bonus? I had it in my head this morning that it be Sunday until I figured out the weekend’s only just begun. One minute it was work tomorrow, and the next it was two days off. It’s like that old Seinfeld episode about life’s balance: Lose a 20. Gain a 20.

On a side note, and as a note to self: I keep pushing away that fact that there’s a Hopper exhibit about 5 minutes down the way from where I live.

I am a bonafide Edward Hopper fan and I have zero clue why I waited this late to see the paintings, it’s only been around since October. That may be my tomorrow.

Next up: A shower. Tidy the kitchen. Go for a drive. Maybe stop into the local. Smile. Wish a stranger a happy new year. Ring a friend.

Simple, and to the point. Just the way a weekend ought to be.

Happy Saturday.

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