Chapter 22

Early yesterday evening as I stood looking out my glass storm front door, a car honked three times at a stopped vehicle in front of him.

This steering wheel action caused the honked at driver, a man of maybe 40, to get out of his commerical looking pickup truck, walk over to the honking vehicle with the driver-side window down, and punch the honk-heavy person in the face four times.

Then said man headed back to his car to presumably drive away.

Not so fast.

As he was closing his door, the punched driver drove in front of the punching man’s car, blocking his getaway.

This is happening in the middle of a residential four way intersection, at 5 pm.

The blocked vehicle then did a side manoeuvre around the blocking car and halted long enough for the assualted man to get out of car. A seemingly 27-ish guy, as he moved into view it looked like he might be holding a gun, but thankfully it was only his phone.

The first car then sped away in the direction of the high street. The second car remained in the intersection with now a woman passenger also out of the car. After a quick exchange with newly arrived intersection people, both occupants got back into their SUV and drove east towards downtown.

Another story for MacDugal and Ivey.

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I live next to an inexplicably dangerous cross section. Since moving here I have seen half a dozen car crashes on MacDugal and Ivey. Three accidents landed up on this property. All required emergency assistance.

It makes zero sense to me why people behave the way they do at that intersection. I mean, it’s along a routine saddled up to little houses with green grass yards and plenty of old trees. Not to mention, there’s an obvious four way split in the road.

It’s a four way stop now but it used to be only two, until that three car accident (direct hits, no skid marks) last year which had neighbours running out of their houses to help and sent 6 people to the hospital. The car that ended up by the side of the house, stayed there overnight before it was towed away the next day. Soon after, two signs became four. It helped. Though slowly the crazy is creeping its way back in.

I have witnessed daily as cars speed through the red stop signs without a hint of ever breaking. Screeching noises are common sounds throughout the day. It’s in a 25 mph zone. It’s busy from 7 in the morning until 9 at night. Yet people drive through that section like it’s the lawless West.

But yesterday? Yesterday took the prize. I mean, a human being got out of his car and punched another human being, still in his car, in the face … repeatedly … for honking. Right there. Right outside my door. Right past my front porch filled with pretty Summer flowers and freshly mowed yard.

I’m sure there’s a back story to those two, like an aggression just prior. But that’s for the person’s down the street blog. I can only write what I saw.

So what if the entire encounter lasted less than 2 minutes? Who cares?

And when I thought driver 2 had a gun? Absolutely was I ready to tuck and roll on my living room carpet – an aerobic exercise I had never attempted before. Hell, I didn’t even know I knew to think of such things.

When the scene cleared and the intersection calmed, I stepped outside and thought the following, no words left out:

The world here is crazy. It was enough with COVID, looting, nightly protests, graffeti, boarded up shops, and unemployment … now I have to add fisticuffs to the equation? No. No, I don’t. Know why Lady? Because you can leave. I don’t want my name associated with this place anymore. It’s time to get out. One more Winter. Then get out. Besides, what are you leaving? The places you used to go socially aren’t serving. All your friends are on the phone. You rarely see the brothers. Go North. Go South. Move closer to the water. Move to a newer house. Just stay East Coast so you can get to Heathrow quicker. Ditch the charity sofa. Pack your stacked books and go. You weren’t supposed to have stayed here this long anyway.

So today I begin to outline the next chapter in my book, tentatively titled: New Place Number 22.

The criteria is basic:

  • 2+ Bedroom
  • 2+ Bath
  • Single Home
  • A/C
  • Laundry in Unit
  • On site parking

Simple, right? Yeah, well, my first search pulled a $110,000 a month rental north of The Hamptons. That’s four zeros. And a MONTH.

Shoot for the moon - The Oatmeal

Sigh. Leave it to me to aim for the stars.

No matter! It’s still early. This just means Sag Habour probably isn’t going to make the cut.

Happy Saturday.

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