KroD: It’s Dork backwards

I am no longer afraid of my wake up alarm. Like a bully, I discovered that when it is ignored, it eventually goes away.

Go figure. The power was in me all this time. Sigh.

I don’t often have Superman moments, so the cape’s coming out for this one.

I’m on week two of my reduced Summer office hours. I’m supposed to take Mondays and Fridays off and stick to a mid-week schedule. Supposed is the key word here.

So guess what I did yesterday? Yep. Worked.


I couldn’t help myself … the databases were calling to me like whispering tree leaves do to lure adventurers deeper and deeper down their solitary green green forest path.

Forest Path by Nikada

Hey, it works. Consult Robert Frost if you don’t believe me.

So caught up the details, it was almost 8 in the evening when I finally switched off my laptop. But until I had before me a project that had unscientifcally improved by 186% from when I first picked it up that morning. And it was in pretty good shape then.

I’m so into this project. I designed a spreadsheet that cleverly tracks pandemic restrictions in locations where we work (buildings, ships, countries, whatever wherever). So bosses, managers and collegues alike can monitor challenges, impacts, risks, actions where they are or where they are going to be … all wrapped in a tool that is intuitive to navigate and sleek to present. And clever. Did I mention clever?

I’m especially proud of the ease of use. As I say, research should be the heardest part of keeping something like this up-to-date and relevant. Data entry should not. A well trained dork like myself appreciates this simple fact.

Next to being kissed by someone who knows how … there’s nothing sexier than a smart database.

I’m not kidding. I’ve known both.

So, that’s what I did yesterday. Basically, I went to school on a weekend.

Geek Pride Day (25th May) | Days Of The Year

Next up, it’s virtual movie night with Marty. That’s where we put our phones on speaker, sync up a film and watch it together. Him in Wales and Me in the US of A.

Tonight it’s Star Trek. We’ve both seen it of course, but who cares. We’re suckers for the Enterprise. And the cast. Oh my god, the cast is perfect. John Cho, Zachary Quinto, and Simon Pegg as Scotty make it liquid gold. Everyone is so good. I’m excited to see it again.

So if you ring and I don’t answer? No worries. Uhura, Bones and I are hanging with the Captain ’til 10.

Happy Saturday.

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