Checking In …

On the last leg of my road trip, which began Tuesday and saw me through 10 states: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Maine was not required but I wanted to make the count 10, so I asked my friends to show me something they knew in Maine, and we drove over the border just for fun.

Later, we went on a walking tour of an outdoor historical settlement called Strawbery Banke Museum … where stood over twenty houses, intact, and completely accessible to the public.

There were orchards, gardens, residences, stores and stories ….

Inside the decor was unapologetic, time and weather worn.

A staircase gem. That photograph is one of my favourites … think I might make it into a print.

In one of the the houses, were walls covered with handmade wallpaper scenes. Incredibly preserved. Very telling.

With so much driving and eating well each night, I did not take many photographs.

However, after I dipped my toes into the Atlantic Ocean … I managed to capture the pre Memorial Day afternoon scene on Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Just me and Mother Nature.

Judging from the miles of backup I saw northbound as I drove southbound, I suspect my empty beach photograph is one of the last of its kind ’til September.

Happy Sunday.

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