Culinary Mess

In England there was a kid on my bus who, every morning on the way to school, ate a solid hershey chocolate bar between two pieces of sandwich bread smothered with yellow mustard.

It was pretty gross.

The image of Manny’s weird breakfast came into my head today as I was finishing up my mackerel-from-a-tin, packed-in-olive-oil, sipping a cup of Peats French roasted coffee-with-cream lunch.

Wheew. Mouthful right?

I laughed at my noon o’clock choice and thought: Hey! It’s a ‘Manny Meal’ – code for a delicious but disgusting food and drink combo.

It made me curious if there were any other food/drink habits of mine that others might consider to be a culinary mess. These days I’m a once a day eater, usually having something to do with tomato, feta and fish. I think my mackerel and coffee is the winner here.

When I used to work in an office, one of my favourite afternoon work snacks was a small yellow bag of salty Lays potato chips with just-made bag-o coffee from the community kitchen. It’s silly for sure, but there was something about those two ingredients that registered happiness for my palate. And I wasn’t the only person who thought that either.

Carlos, from the tech shop downstairs, when he wasn’t oversees on a work assignment, would come up and join me . It became our thing when he was in town, a 15 minute break with chips and coffee. He even went as far as to buy me a Keurig coffee maker and a box of 90 vending machine sized potato chip to keep in my office. Carlos was a cool cat. Sigh. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a potato chip …

When I moved away, I gifted Carlos’ shop with the Keurig along with a large box of biodegradable single-serve coffee pods from the San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee.

I had forgotten about that Keurig. My office was wired poorly, and every third time I used the thing it would blow a fuse on the second floor and piss off my officemate next door.

Fun memories … think I might ping Carlos this afternoon and see what he’s been up to …

Happy Thursday.

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