Day 28: Dishes?

When I feel off, I watch comedian Nate Bargatze talk … in this one it’s about not doing well with time travel.

I can relate. Especially now when I’m concerned my brain is turning to mush.

Nate has hundreds of gems like that, all posted in small increments. For me he’s an easy habit with a positive outcome. I believe he actually improves my stress levels. No pressure Mr. Bargatze, but you’ve never let me down.

Sigh. Man do I appreciate the moments when I bring his stand-up into my world.

Unlike … Last night I was in a dream where I yelled at the cast of Family Ties for leaving me to take care of all of their dirty dishes by myself. Oh, and I was not just yelling, I was pointing and gesturing like someone with a vein exploding in their forehead. It was very much a reality-TV-roommate-confrontation scene situation. I did not come off well. Manic comes to mind.

This morning I woke way past the time I meant to, to a kitchen sink filled with bowls and cups of only my own making.


God I hate it when I turn a perfectly clean dish into a ruined canvas of last night’s sad excuse for a dinner menu.

Hang in there.

Happy Tuesday.

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