Alice veut une chouette*

So Day 24 is my ‘I love you man‘ phase. Good to know. Writing THAT one down.

I was all Duolingo with French this morning. I have 59 crowns. 5,648 points. 1 wildfire. 202 lingots. And I’m in an Emerald League status. I have no idea what any of that means. All I know is last I left off the cows (les vaches) were the garden (jardin) and Paul had a suitcase (valise).

This is my idea of gaming. And everyone and everything is very very nice.

Next up … flirting and idioms. I hope the cows will be okay.

It’s a crisp autumn-like day outside, with bright blue skies. My favourite kind. The light is beautiful through the bedroom blinds. I should go soak up some sun.

Unfortunately, I’m not quite ready to abandon my black bra, stretched white tank, sweatpant look just yet. My Day 25 clothing option has morphed beyond a fashion faux pas. It’s now more at the fashion what the f*** were you thinking stage. I should be ashamed of myself. My bedhead is pretty whack too. Don’t tell my Mum.

Short of describing the contents of my refrigerator or the temperature of the freezer, that’s about all I have at the moment.

I’m going to try harder next time. Promise promise.

*Oh, and apparently, Alice wants an owl.

Happy Saturday.

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